Representations for Multimodal Generation Workshop


Reykjavík University

Reykjavík, April 23-25, 2005


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Call for Participation
Workshop Format
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Workshop Goals



The overall goal of this workshop is to further the state of research on multimodal generation by enabling (and getting) people in the field to work together on building systems capable of real-time face-to-face dialog with people.

To this end, we plan to:

  • Frame the problem of multimodal generation in a way allows us to put it into computational models, and that correspond as closely as possibly to real data.
  • Define planning stages of multimodal generation and to identify the knowledge structures that mediate between these stages.
  • Render these stages and knowledge structures into a framework that lays down modules and interfaces, enabling people to better work together and to use each other's work with a minimal amount of custom work.
  • Look into existing specification languages and to assess them in the context of this model.
  • Formalize the model structures in XML, possibly based on the existing representation languages and syntax.

Workshop Format

The workshop spans three days. The first two will consist of sessions where the group alternates between analysis of existing designs and brainstormings on possibilities. The goal of the latter is to come with new propsals that can be further worked out during the workshop. The third day is a more casual day; we will take a bustrip to a remote location in Iceland and discuss the ideas and questions that have come up during the preceding two days.

It is expected that all participants do a major review of the existing literature in the field before coming to the workshop -- no time is alloted to bringing participants up on the present state of the art. Reading materials will be made available to all prior to the workshop. This material must be read by all.


The results of the workshop will be published on Mindmakers and proposed as the next specification for multimodal generation.


Feb 15: Reply to invitation
April 23: Workshop begins
April 25: Free-form day

Organizing Committee

Kris R. Thórisson
Assistant Professor
School of Computer Science
Reykjavik University
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Hannes Vilhjalmsson
Research Scientist
Information Sciences Institute
University of Southern California
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Catherine Pelachaud
IUT de Montreuil - Universite de Paris 8
140 rue de la Nouvelle France
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Stefan Kopp
Artificial Intelligence Group
Faculty of Technology
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